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Spanish Fly (Lite and SuperLite)


The Spanish Fly is a Frankie Hubbard design for whitewater freestyle and creek boating. It has a planing hull that makes surfing and flat-spins easy. The short length and extreme rocker allow great boofs and sharp turn on creeks. It is slightly wider than the Taureau with slicier ends for whitewater play. It is rotomolded in durable polyethylene by Esquif in Canada.


  • Construction : Polyéthilène
  • Length : 2.64 m (8’8” )
  • Width : 73.66 cm (29′)
  • Depth : 38.1 cm (15′)
  • Shape : Asymmetrical
  • Rocker : Progressive bow and stern
  • Colour : Mixed Colour
  • Weight : 20.87 kg (46 lbs)
  • Carrying capacity : 100 kg (220 lb)
  • Outfitting : Factory-installed





The primary ingredient of our rotomold canoes is polyethylene. Polyethylene is a tough, waxy-textured material that is unaffected by water and many chemicals. Additives are used to give UV and weather protection, prevent colour fade and protect the plastic during processing and throughout the life of the canoe.


Ideally your canoe should be stored inside, upside down on racks in a cool and dry environment. If you store your canoes outside it should also be upside down on racks and the wooden gunnels should never touch the ground. Do not store it where it will be exposed to ice and snow loads as this can distort your canoe. See the wooden gunnels section for specific care instructions.

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