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Théo Meunier


Hometown :

Montréal, Québec

Favorite rivers :

The river that holds a special place in my heart is the Taureau in the Jacques-Cartier valley. This world-famous river, with its mystical allures and its enchanting landscape, contains the most beautiful rapids in Quebec. The waves that flow there keep us in suspense throughout the descent which includes more than one hundred rapids all more intense than each other.

Favorite boats :

My favorite canoe is without a doubt the Extasy. This boat designed by Sabrina Barm for small people is perfectly suited to my small size. Designed for creeks, it has a nervous look and is without a doubt the fastest boat on the water. It is difficult to coax, but once taken in hand, the maneuvers become awfully easier.

Most memorable moment on water :

A defining moment since my whitewater beginnings is undoubtedly my day at SAP falls on the Sault-à-la-Puce river. It was a perfect day with my best friends, my Quebec Connection idols and Nouria Newman. The tension and stress were palpable watching this 70-feet monster. Never since I started in 2017, I never imagined myself to reach such a level.
Théo Meunier
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