Retour aux ambassadeurs

James Weir


Hometown :

Flond, a little village in the Swiss Alps.

Favorite rivers :

The Travo in Corsica is one of my absolute favourites, I also love the Rio D’Oro in Mexico, awesome rapids and drops all the way into the ocean and last but not least my home run, the Vorderrhein in Switzerland, quite possibly the most beautiful gorge in the World.

Favorite boats :

You mean boats of choice of course ; ) Esquif produce so many incredible canoes it is not possible to choose just one. I have three favourites; L’Edge Lite, Spark, and Canyon. With these three canoes I can creek, run big water and head off on a multi-day with my family. I could carry on my list with the Spanish Fly, Raven, and Blast but having six favourites would be greedy I guess…

Most memorable moment on water :

I am so lucky to enjoy so many awesome days on the river with so many special people it is just impossible to nail down the best one ever. Guiding a group of canoeists down the Grand Canyon, paddling my home run with my kids, winning my first freestyle World Cup and first descents around the World. Every day on the river is special, and just after I have rocked the best day ever, another one comes along! Coaching/guiding:
James Weir
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