Retour aux ambassadeurs

Ghyslaine «GIGI» Rioux


Hometown :

Les Cantons de l’Est, in Quebec.

Favorite rivers :

I’ve got a lot of favorite rivers, but amongst them, the Keybrook QC, the Green in Vermont, the Beaver NY, Doncaster Qc, Watauga NC, Ottawa ON.

Favorite boats :

I paddle a L’Edge Super Lite for creeking and river running, and a Spanish Fly for playboating. I really love the L’Edge Super Lite, it’s a great boat that gives me the confidence to run bigger and harder stuff.

Most memorable moment on water :

One of my most memorable moments on the water was this summer when I paddled for the first time, after suffering from a paddling injury, a broken leg, that kept me away from paddling for 16 months. It was on the Rouge river in Quebec. That day, my paddling felt good and strong. My lines were clean and every paddle stroke felt like it was exactly where it should be. It was a perfect day and I felt like I never stopped paddling. I was so happy to be back on the water, with me and my boat feeling like one on the river.
Ghyslaine «GIGI» Rioux
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