Retour aux ambassadeurs

Dustin Silvey


Hometown :

Vancouver BC

Favorite rivers :

Little Nahanni

Favorite boats :

Prospector 16

Most memorable moment on water :

I guess not really on the water, my partner and I were paddling the Powell River Canoe Circuit and there was a very long portage up and down a very large hill. Most people that complete this circuit use lightweight canoes but we wanted to stick with our beloved Esquif, on top pf that, we had about 100lbs of camera equipment. As we walked, we struggled, laughed, told stories, and when it was finally over, we took our clothes off and climbed into the lake to soothe our aching muscles. Going on expeditions puts us all in stressful situations at somepoint or another. To know I can be put in these situations with the person I plan on spending the rest of my life and know we will just laugh and tease each other during them, makes me dream of more Type II fun.
Dustin Silvey
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