Retour aux ambassadeurs

Carole Westwood


Hometown :

Ottawa, Ontario.

Favorite rivers :

There are so many rivers that I consider favourites. Each of them have either impressive water features, scenery or memories for me. Top of the list include the Ottawa River, ON, Tellico River, TN, and the Slave River, NWT.

Favorite boats :

The Spark for speed and accuracy. Its shape allows for fantastic carving, quick pivot moves in gates. For bomb proof creeking and stability in big water the L’Edge is my favourite.

Most memorable moment on water :

My most recent Tellico River Race. It’s a mass start race on the Upper Tellico section from the top finishing at Baby Falls. Everything came together in focus, landing all the drops, choosing the faster lines, with no hesitation. Full control. It felt amazing!
Carole Westwood
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