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Anthony Ginocchio


Hometown :

Buffalo, NY.

Favorite rivers :

Cattaraugus Creek, the local run in Western New York, is a favorite. This is where I got my first taste of whitewater. While I love exploring new rivers, my home run has some great features that I cut my teeth on and will continue to use to hone skills.

Favorite boats :

The Edge Lite

Most memorable moment on water :

This is a tough one! There was that one time we hit an ice dam and then ran into strainers at night, or my first real whitewater experience when I sank a canoe and swam most of the rapids. Hitting the Upper Yough at high water for my first run was pretty memorable too. Beaverfest was a blast, can’t wait for next September. I always get excited to paddle with other open boaters. Every time I’m in my boat on the water I’m making great memories!
Anthony Ginocchio
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