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Super light with predictable performance, the Zephyr will put you in the fast track on the learning curve to whitewater fun and performance. The length and rocker was carefully chosen to optimise speed and tracking ability while still allowing responsive turns. Beginner to intermediate paddlers will be reassured by the initial and secondary stability. The chines allow smooth and controlled turns. The new Twin-tex material gives the performance of a stiff and light composite boat with the toughness of a polyethylene boat. The light weight pays off in acceleration, speed and of course on the portage trail. This is a versatile boat that will offer many advantages to paddlers of all abilities.



Technical specifications

Construction:    Twin-Tex

Length:    3.43 m (11’ 3”)

Width:    73.66 cm (29”)

Depth:    40.6 cm (16”)

Shape:    Asymmetrical

Rocker:    11.4 cm (4 ½”) bow, 10 cm (4”) stern

Gunwale:    Vinyl

Colour:    Black

Weight:    16.78 kg (37 lbs)

Carrying capacity  : 100 kg (220 lb)

Options:    Factory-installed outfitting, Wood gunwale


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