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Speed, precision and maneouvrability were the three guiding elements in the creation of the Spark; a concept represented in the lines of the Ignitor, a slalom canoe well known for exceptional performance. In collaboration with American slalom champion John Kazimierczyk, we have created a canoe with the performance of a high quality composite with the toughness of T-Formex. Esquif will continue to support open canoe slalom with designs and involvement. But the Spark is not just for racers. Looking for lightness, precision and acceleration? If you’re a technical paddler looking for a fast, responsive river runner, try the Spark.


Technical specifications

Construction:    T-Formex

Length:    3.55 m (11’ 8”)

Width:    63.5 cm (25”)

Depth:    39.4 cm (15 ½”)

Shape:    Asymmetrical

Rocker:    15.2 cm (6”) bow, 12.7 cm (5”) stern

Gunwale:    Wood

Colour:    Camo (in & out)

Weight:    17 kg (37 lbs)

Carrying capacity : 100 kg (220 lb)

Option:    Factory-installed outfitting


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