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Spanish Fly

Spanish Fly

The Spanish Fly is a Frankie Hubbard design for whitewater freestyle and creek boating. It has a planing hull that makes surfing and flat-spins easy. The short length and extreme rocker allow great boofs and sharp turn on creeks. It is slightly wider than the Taureau with slicier ends for whitewater play. It is rotomolded in durable polyethylene by Esquif in Canada.


Technical specifications

Construction:    Polyethylene

Length:    2.64 m (8’8” )

Width:    73.66 cm (29′)

Depth:    38.1 cm (15′)

Shape:    Asymmetrical

Rocker:    Progressive bow and stern

Colour:    Yellow

Weight:    20.87 kg (46 lbs)

Carrying capacity  : 100 kg (220 lb)

Outfitting:    Factory-installed


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