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ExtasyEsquif Extasy

EXTASY  means joy in it‘s most intense  form. The objective is to empower smaller paddlers to discover their potential and enjoy the river without limits.

The Extasy is built as a creeker and river runner for smaller paddlers, adapted to the ergonomics of shorter, lighter physiques. Key characteristics are precision and pronounced driving dynamics. This allows responsiveness and effortless paddling even without requiring a lot of strength. While not a designated “beginner” boat, the Extasy is gentle enough to introduce new paddlers to the benefits of agility and allows them to progress as much as they want.

The design features the latest insights into state-of-the art fluid dynamics, based on the leading scientific study on whitewater boat geometry. (Engineering Kanuslalom, realized at the Augsburg University of Applied Sciences). Backing up the science with several years of experience in high level creeking as well as racing internationally in both canoe slalom and downriver, this boat unites the best of all worlds. Designed by Sabrina Barm and moulded in Germany.

Ideal weight range : 50kg – 80 kg (110 lb – 175 lb)

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Technical specifications

Construction:    Polyethylene

Length:    2.75m (9′)

Width:    0.66m (26″)

Shape:    Asymmetrical

Gunwale:    Integrated

Colour:    Cosmic Love, Electric, Lava

Weight:    18.5 kg (41 lb)

Extasy colours