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Paul Mason

Paul MasonBio: Paul Mason, son of the late canoeing legend Bill Mason,  is featured in the Path of the Paddle series of books and films/DVDs.  Paul continued on to a career as a canoe instructor, wilderness guide and competed in open canoe Whitewater Freestyle. More recently Paul has realized that open canoe whitewater slalom really helps hone his creeking skills. His teaching continues through his free “paddlepointer”online instructional canoeing videos and his canoe courses.

Paul is also a cartoonist who’s work appears in the web comic Bubblestreet, various paddlesport magazines and at festivals on shirts and stickers.

Location: Quebec

Boats: Esquif l’edge Superlite – it’s like paddling a carbon composite boat… but it’s plastic! Also, an Esquif Spark – my T-Formex boat for ww slalom.

Favourite rivers: Thunderhead Prong of the Upper Treemont, Watauga, Ottawa, Independence, and Bonniebrook.

Current missions/projects/fun facts: Continuing to post instructional/fun videos for the Paddle Pointers website.

Fun fact: On a creek, the water is never “too low”. Matter of fact, it’s always “a bit high”.

Facebook: facebook.com/paul.mason.3998263

Paul Mason