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Outerbridge Family

ofportraitAmelia, Liam, Sophie and Geoff, the Outerbridge family.
Chelsea, Québec.

As the snow melts, as the rain falls… as we find puddles to jump and mist of waterfall, we dream of streams, lakes and rivers in which we will swim, jump, paddle, enthralled.
We were once told: Life is simple, just add water.

With our Prospecteur 17, we will do just that.
As parents, you never forget the firsts.  The first time Liam and Amelia held a paddle to create splash and resistance as we moved toward our island on Crotch Lake in the North Frontenac Parklands.  It is one of our favorite moments, because a first filled with joy always leads to more.
And as we share paddling with other outdoorsy families, our annual week-end at Palmer Rapids, annual at Lac Poisson Blanc, regular paddles and plunges into the Gatineau river and the Gatineau Park lakes are all favorites.