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Radical ! The Zoom, for the advanced paddler, is the most agile, quick and responsive Royalex canoe available. Whether front surfing fast green waves or spinning 360’s on tiny curlers the Zoom provides the versatility to engage any river feature; boofing ledges, landing waterfalls, capturing tiny currents.

The Zoom responds to your every move. Very short with square chines, the Zoom is designed to react instantly to the paddler. It is the ideal canoe for technical rivers and allows you to dodge any obstacle. With unmatched speed in a short canoe, the Zoom will go where no other canoe has dared.


Technical specifications

Construction:    T-Formex

Length:    2.87 m (9’ 5”)

Width:    71.1 cm (28”)

Depth:    40.6 cm (16”)

Shape:    Asymmetrical

Rocker:    11.4 cm (4 ½”) bow, 10 cm (4”) stern

Gunwale:    Vinyl

Colour:    Yellow or Lime

Weight:    17.78 kg (39 ½ lbs)

Options:    Factory-installed outfitting, Wood gunwale


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