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The Taureau was designed by Mark Scriver, Andrew Westwood, Paul Mason, Joe Langman and Jacques Chassé named after the Taureau River, a renowned steep creek in the Laurentian Mountains north of Quebec city. It is a responsive, dry, quick and playful creeking and free-riding open canoe. This boat is made with our exclusive T-form Elite for a lighter weight and similar strength to typical polyethylene canoes and kayaks.

The two-stage bow rocker gives speed, dryness and predictable boof landings. The sterm rocker lets you boof and release the stern for flat spins. The planing hull with release chines will surf and spin when you get to fun playspots. The full-volume ends and unique deck keep it dry and will handle steep gradients. It comes outfitted with a saddle and Yakima footbraces, foam kneeblocks, and side foam floatation for a secure fit and maximum floatation. It will attract hard-core creek boaters as well as river running freeboaters.


Technical specifications

Construction:    T-Form Elite

Length:    2.44 m (8’)

Width:    68.6 cm (27”)

Depth:    40.6 cm (16”)

Shape:    Asymmetrical

Colour:    Orange

Weight:    15.9 kg (35 lbs)

Option:    Factory-installed outfitting


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