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Explosive ! Inspired by the Nitro, the new Detonator is shorter, livelier and quicker. Ideal for technical rapids, the Detonator will navigate through ledges, waves, rollers and holes with ease. Surprisingly stable and dry, the Detonator is also one of the best canoes for surfing! A very forgiving boat for progressing paddlers.


Technical specifications

Construction:    T-Formex

Length:    3.05 m (10’)

Width:    68.9 cm (27”)

Depth:    40.6 cm (16”)

Shape:    Asymmetrical

Rocker:    12.7 cm (5”) bow, 15.2 cm (6”) stern

Gunwale:    Vinyl

Colour:    Yellow

Weight:    22 kg (49 lbs)

Carrying capacity  : 90 kg (198 lb)

Options:    Factory-installed outfitting, Wood gunwale


detonator_1 detonator_2


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