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The Mallard is the ideal choice for quietly exploring secluded small lakes where fish and game are hiding. The Mallard is built from Royalite making it tough, durable and light. It can be easily loaded on your QUAD and is maneuverable on narrow portage trails. Discover Esquif canoes and appreciate a fine watercraft.


Technical specifications

Construction:    T-Formex

Length:    3.66 m (12’)

Width:    91.5 cm (36”)

Depth:    34 cm (13 ½”)

Shape:    Square Stern

Rocker:    5.1 cm (2”)

Gunwale:    Vinyl

Colour:    Camo, Green, Olive

Weight:    27 kg (59 lbs)

Carrying capacity : 273 Kg (600 lb)

Seats:    Webbed seats, central yoke seat

Max outboard:    2 HP or electric equivalent

Option:    Wood gunwale


mallard_1 mallard_2


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