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Our canoes



It is with great sadness that we announce today that Esquif Canoes inc. has stopped operating Monday March 16th, 2014. Various elements forced Esquif to dispose of its assets and end production.

For over 15 years, we worked hard to design and build the best canoes in the world and we want to thank all our customers and friends. Mission accomplished!

Jacques and everyone from Esquif


Agile on rivers and ideal for expeditions, esquif canoes offer the guarantee of a reliable product that benefits from an unmatched expertise.

Built without compromise by real outdoor fans, Esquif canoes distinguish themselves from the competition with their unique properties:

    • Fantastic maneuverability
    • Lightness and balance
    • Exceptional impact resistance
    • Surprising structural memory
    • Excellent buoyancy and unsurpassed comfort
    • Interior and exterior surfaces resistant to UV rays

Purchase an Esquif canoe today and enjoy a product of superior quality and designs.