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Colors changes

Pease note that we are out of stock on these models:   YELLOW PRESAGE  , Red still available CAMO MALLARD, green still available ECHO BEIGE, can be done in green ZOOM PURPLE = CAN BE DONE IN YELLOW OR LIME   Orders received before February 12, 2014  are covered.


Hello, For those of you who have emailed us at info@esquif.com in recent weeks and not yet received a reply our sincerest apologies. We just found out today that those messages were not getting to us. Please re-send us your email and we will respond as they are received. Thank you for your patience.

Warehouse sale

WAREHOUSE  SALE    JOIN’S THIS SATURDAY,OCTOBER 19, 2013   FROM 9 am to 4 pm   ***We are making room for 2014 boats and other projects we are working on !!!!*** MANUFACTURER’S PRICING   At the sale you will find….   NEW AND USED SECONDS/BLEMS   First come, first serve   Cash or credit card   Visa and Mastercard  

The Rangeley

Anglais : L’histoire et l’héritage, l’inspiration derrière nos designs! Notre fascination pour les bateaux aux bordages à clin et un design de coque ayant fait ses preuves sont à la base de notre ligne de Rangeley. Un choix de formes classiques allié à nos méthodes de construction modernes nous a permis de faire revivre ces classiques pour la joie des amateurs de grands espaces. Une image magique; La silhouette d’un …Read More