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Paul Scriver

Paul ScriverHometown: Ottawa, Ontario

Favourite Play spot: Still looking, so far Grasse River, NY

Boat of choice: Depends! Prospecteur 17 / L’Edge / Spark

Most Memorable time on the water: Definitely my first time down the Tellico at ALF. I was new to creeking but very excited to get after some fun runs. My dad was paddling with me, but the beta was coming from lots of locals paddling down with us. As we got to the lead in to Baby Falls, dad said as he flushed out of the eddy ‘Here it is, but I don’t really remember it… follow him!” Without an option, I followed “him” blind over the 13’ drop. That day solidified my love for creeking and the hilarious and supportive community of canoers.

Instagram: instagram.com/spruceroots
Facebook: facebook.com/SpruceRoutes

Paul Scriver