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Noah McInturff

Hometown: Gainesville, Ga

Favorite river: Toss-up between Frogtown Creek and Tallulah Gorge.

Boat of choice: Esquif L’Edge Lite

Most memorable canoeing experience: I believe any day where I can get out on the water is an amazing experience. I have been paddling tandem with my parents since I was two years old. Everything changed when I got my first solo boat, an Esquif Taureau, at age 7. It took a while to be comfortable with steeper whitewater. For a long time, I’d beg my dad to go to the upper Chattahoochee over and over. Now there’s nothing better than that feeling of successfully getting to the bottom of a sketchy new rapid. Most of the time, it’s pretty cool being the only kid on the river, but it’d be nice to have more juniors out there.

Have a great day!